overlap width length lubrication
wheel panel tire tappet
quantify spoke performance output
coil spring leaf spring rust specification
thermocouple shield tube single
equivalent lamps independent lamps grouped lamps combined lamps
concealable illuminating lamp main-beam headlamp dipped-beam headlamp front fog lamp
rear fog light rear fog lamp end-outline marker lamp reflex-reflective device
reflex reflector retro-reflecting signal exterior light-emitting surface anti-skid device
single lamp optional lamp operational tell-tale circuit-closed tell-tale
selective yellow bolster coupling attachment fifth wheel coupling
fifth-wheel coupling articulate coupling angle of divergence illumination angle
angle of rotation saline mist mirror-backed reflex reflector resistance to heat
colour-fastness dipped-beam filament main-beam filament standard filament lamp
main beam standard headlamp double filament lamp positioning lug
earthing contact strip window contact strip reference notch
reference lug reference pin reference plane interior rear-view mirror
exterior rear-view mirror strap guide belts safety belt
seat belt webbing webbing strap belt
rotary piston engine exhaust smoke index intake system speed limiting device
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