specialized financial corporations sport and recreation personnel staff
human resources standard legal descriptions standard loans state government
regional government statistical units stocks storage services
strike price structure students sub-sectors
subdivision subsidiaries subsidies subsidies on production
subsidies on products subsoil assets supply matrices supply table s
surface water s surveys swaps synoptic presentation
system of accounts tangible fixed assets tangible non-produced assets taxes
taxes on gifts taxes on imports taxes on income taxes on products
taxes on wages technical assistance personnel territorial enclaves territorial water s
theft time deposits time of recording tool for analysing
total economy total population tour operator services tourists
tradable trade margins transaction value transactions
transactions in loans transactions in products transfer costs transferable deposits
transfers transport costs transport equipment transportation of goods
travel treasury bills treatment uncompensated seizures
underwriters undistributed profits unforeseen obsolescence uni-regional units
unincorporated units units of analysis unquoted shares
use matrices use table uses uses and resources
valuables valuation value-added-type taxes volunteer services
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