intra-EU extra-EU trade intra-unit transactions inventories investment grants
investment income investment portfolios investment trust investment company
issue value jobs activities labour input
lakes land under cultivation learned societies legacies
Leontief inverse letter of credit licences limited-liability companies
line of credit linear depreciation liquidation value liquidity
loans local kind-of-activity units long-term loans lotteries and gambling
machinery and equipment maintenance and repair major improvements manufactured products
margin payments market output market price market products
materials and supplies means of payment medical services memorandum items
memo items trade merchanting metallic mineral reserves
migrants mineral exploration miscellaneous current transfers mixed income
monetary aggregates monetary authorities monetary compensatory amounts monetary financial institutions
monetary gold SDRs monetary transactions monetary units
money lenders money-purchase pension schemes monopolies mortgage loans
mortgages multi-regional units multiple exchange rates mutual funds
mutual funds shares national accounts macroeconomic accounts national air-space
national disposable income national economy national wealth national worth
natural assets natural non-renewable resources negotiable savings certificates net borrowing
net financial assets NNDI net national income net premiums
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