currency swaps current accounts current external balance current international cooperation
current prices current transactions current transfers customs frontier
dams data bases death duties debt
debt assumption debt forgiveness debt cancellation definition
delimitation deliveries deposits depreciation
direct purchases abroad direct taxes disappearance of assets discount
distribution costs distributive transactions dividend shares domestic output
durable goods dwellings economic activities economic agents
economic appearance economic assets economic benefits economic disappearance
economic flow economic territory economically significant prices economy
ECUs official education embassies employees
employees social contributions employers direct benefits employers social contributions employment
enclaves entrepreneurial income account entrepreneurial income establishment trade
estimated value European Communities European Monetary System exchange rates
excise duties existing goods exports and imports exports of goods
exports of services external accounts external transactions extra-territorial enclaves
f o b value face value factor cost farms
features final consumption expenditure financial account financial assets
financial assets liabilities financial auxiliaries financial balance sheets financial claims
financial corporations financial derivatives financial intermediaries financial intermediation services
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