Oral gum Pillules continuous-release intraruminal device Pulsatile-release intraruminal device
Lick block Medicated pellets Intramammary solution Intramammary suspension
Intramammary emulsion Intramammary ointment Teat stick Intrauterine solution
Intrauterine suspension Intrauterine emulsion Intrauterine tablet Intrauterine capsule
Beak dipping VET Dipping foot-stab use In ovo
In-feed use In-hive use Intramammary use Intraruminal use
Oculonasal use Paravertebral use Pour-on use Skin scarification
Spot-on use Teat use Top-dressing use Water borne use
Wing-web-stab use automatic injection device balling gun dart
Dredging container Drench gun Implanter In-ovo injection device
Intramammary syringe Nasal applicator Nebuliser Oral syringe
Pour-on container Scarifier Spot-on applicator Spray container
Stab vaccinator Vaginal sponge applicator accidental damage accounting
accounting framework accounting matrices accounting period accrual basis
accumulation accounts acquisitions less disposals active population actual collective consumption
actual final consumption actual individual consumption actual social contributions added value
adjusted disposable income adjustment item aggregates agriculture and forests
analysis ancillary activity appearance of assets assets
assumption of liabilities autonomy of decision auxiliary financial activities irrecoverable debt
uncollectible account bad debt balance sheets balancing item
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