legislature leisure activity leisure centre leisure facility
leisure time Lepidoptera level of education levy
lexicon liability legislation library library service
lichens lifestyle light lighting
lignite mining limit value limnology line
liner material lipid lipophilic substance liquefied gas
liquid manure liquid state liquid waste literature
literature data bank literature evaluation literature study lithosphere
litigation littoral livestock breeding livestock farming
living condition living environment living space lizards
load bearing capacity local authority local development local finance
local government policy local heat supply local passenger service local recreation
local traffic location of industries locomotive lodging
Lomé Convention long-distance traffic long-distance transport long-term effect
long-term experiment longitude lorry loss
loudness low flow low-level flight low-level technology
Lower House lower risk species lubricant luminosity
lymphatic system lysimetry machine manufacture machinery
macroeconomic goal macroeconomics macrophyte magnetic tape
magnetism maintenance technical maintenance of environment major risk
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