system limitations cruise and descent structural limit overweight landing
lightning strikes distress communications system failures diversion
serious technical failure TCAS warning emergency ditching emergency landing ditching
take-off climb limits take-off field length obstacle clearance calculation gradient loss
approach climb approach climb limit landing climb limit landing field length
brake energy allowable configuration drift-down data dispatcher
handling personnel execution of a flight command course cargo aircraft
transport aircraft air-cargo aircraft proper shipping name shipping documents
aircraft pallet igloo consignment passenger handling staff
security staff packaging specifications marking loading segregation security requirements
concealed weapon EOBT estimated off-block time FCL working group
filed flight plan hectopascal s VHF direction finder heading
acceleration attitude of flight flight attitude attitude
go-around go around bank roll
angle of roll consecutive cabotage destination hub airport
seat-load factor basic configuration crew compartment climb to VFR
air intake air inlet auxiliary flap flight procedure
feathered propeller fuel system main landing gear wing loading
retractable large aircraft change-over point APPR
Approach deviation explosive interception
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