approach procedure autopilot management pilot incapacitation manoeuvres
engine-out manoeuvres donning of a lifejacket security procedures fire-fighting
halon extinguishers operator proficiency checks touch drills precision approach
precision instrument approach practice forced landing complete line operation post-flight procedures
pilot flying licence endorsement cabin aircraft cabin
passenger seat emergency evacuation demonstration maximum capacity familiarisation flight
to operate a sector emergency exit operation emergency procedure evacuation procedure
crowd control technique flight desk window aeroplane operating matters journey log
off-block time on-block time aeroplane journey log duty assignment
checkpoint way-point WYPT Waypoint
overhead minimum crew requirement flight crew scheduling pilot under supervision
cabin crew member cabin attendant crew health precautions flight preparation instructions
operating minima en-route operating minima conditional expressions seating policy
prop-brakes navigation procedures standard navigational procedures keyboard entries
system degradation TCAS ACAS adverse atmospheric conditions jetstream
volcanic ash cloud mountain wave significant temperature inversion ATS procedure
non revenue flight delivery flight positioning flight handling accidents
communications failure procedures COM- failure procedures radio listening watch time system
distress signal urgency signal conversion tables speed limitation
flight envelope wind limit performance limitations airframe contamination
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