phosphorous slag powder paints waste coating powders dried ink
fixer solutions coal fly ash peat fly ash oil fly ash
unprocessed slag other sludges skimming alumina dust
spent pot linings flue gas dust calcium arsenate furnace slag
furnace dust waste glass discarded moulds acidic pickling solutions
phosphatizing sludges wastes containing cyanide other wastes plastics particles
synthetic machining oils machining sludges welding wastes spent blasting grit
polishing sludges aqueous washing liquids steam degreasing wastes chlorinated emulsions
non chlorinated emulsions other hydraulic oils brake fluids interceptor sludges
other emulsions other halogenated solvents paper and cardboard plastic
wooden composite packaging composite mixed
used tyres discarded vehicles equipment containing chlorofluorocarbons other discarded equipment
shredder residues off-specification batches inorganic off-specification batches organic off-specification batches
waste explosives waste ammunition fireworks waste other waste explosives
batteries and accumulators lead batteries Ni-Cd batteries mercury dry cells
alkaline batteries concrete tiles and ceramics wood
glass asphalt containing tar copper bronze brass iron and steel
mixed metals cables soil and stones dredging spoil
insulation materials other insulation materials sharps discarded chemicals
boiler dust pyrolysis wastes vitrified wastes non-vitrified solid phase
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