accelerated evaluation Administration Unit Assistant Financial Controller Biotechnology Working Party
centrally-authorised centrally-approved clarification phase converted ex-concertation applications
CPMP consultation groups CPMP opinions CPMP working parties CVMP Working Parties
decentralised agency Efficacy Working Party European experts Fees Regulation
Head of Sector IVMP Working Party in-use stability testing junior collaborators
marketing authorisation system new substances periodic safety updates position paper
pre-submission meetings prohibited substances rapporteurs assessment reports rapporteurships
rolling work programmes scientific collaborators scientific committees Secretariat
senior administrators ADRs statement of principles STOA group
Technical Assistants Technical Co-ordination Unit temporary servant temporary agent
EudraTrack-MR urgent safety restrictions supportive care recovery
bulk buffer harvest period Intraarterial use export certificate
tailings primary production waste animal tissue waste plant tissue waste
agrochemical wastes sawdust wood preservation waste organochlorinated wood preservatives
organometallic wood preservatives inorganic wood preservatives bark liming waste
sludges containing chromium desalter sludges tank bottom sludges acid alkyl sludges
acid tars boiler feedwater sludges spent filter clays oil desulphurisation waste
waste containing sulphur sludges containing mercury wastes containing sulphur waste acidic solutions
waste alkaline solutions soda metal-containing wastes metallic oxides
wastes containing arsenic wastes containing mercury phosphogypsum phosphorus slag
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