freight forwarding metal plating physical education instruction services
teaching tuition educational services industrial design
packaging design services packaging design dentistry sign language interpretation
tree surgery training scheme mission statement zero-hours contract
denomination face value nominal value denomination
thickness obverse security thread partially sighted
predominant colour dominant colour size dimension
reproduction paper banknote paper worn
commercial reproduction Governing Council security feature authentification feature
exchange type of banknote banknote type series of banknotes
banknote series enforcement of copyright unauthorised reproduction mutilated
damaged Counterfeit Currency Database commercial bank non-cash payment transaction
banknote design banknote-accepting machine technical specification architectural style
Classical Romanesque Gothic Baroque and Rococco
window bridge grey blue
green yellow-brown purple blind
European Blind Union deep engraving large numeral cotton fibre
fluorescent fibre special foil authenticity material
colour edge vending machine high-value euro coin
two-coloured design bank cashier durability circulation
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