magnetic compass sensitive pressure altimeter sub-scale setting millibars
barometric pressure airspeed indicator turn co-ordinator slip indicator
attitude indicator direction indicator stabilised direction indicator pitot tube
heated pitot tube icing selector compressibility limitations
static pressure system electrical generating system emergency power supply power supply
instrument panel emergency power pitch and roll autopilot
altitude alerting system aural signal visual signal altitude loss
landing configuration incorrect landing configuration downward glideslope deviation collision avoidance system
ACAS weather radar equipment pressurised aeroplane unpressurised aeroplane
expected icing conditions glare dose rate cumulative dose
handset public address system selector switch passenger deck
ground personnel boom mask microphone engine shutdown
lift devices drag devices air temperature primary flight controls
pitch trim navigation information primary navigation information landing gear position
normal acceleration seat safety belt child restraint device
berth observer s seat single point release secured open
first aid oxygen flight duration mass flow point of flight
oxygen equipment oxygen supply oxygen mask outlets oxygen
spare outlet portable oxygen unit oxygen dispensing unit oxygen supply terminal
oxygen supply requirements Protective Breathing Equipment hand fire extinguisher cargo compartment
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