extended runway centreline approach minima non-precision approach minima approach aid
engine failure accountability takeoff roll containment level full stop landing
loading cargo centre of gravity standard masses
ballast zero fuel mass structural landing mass passenger classification
crew baggage hand baggage additional baggage holiday charter
charter flight mass value non-revenue carriage standard mass value
domestic flight weighing survey plan balance limit last minute changes
mass control programme fleet mass CG position aerodynamic chord
mean aerodynamic chord fleet tolerance permitted fleet tolerance galley
seat configuration structural limits floor strength floor strength limitation
seating limits maximum seating limits operational CG envelope seat allocation
load distribution assumed load distribution free seating fuel transfer
inbound flights outbound flights seat capacity passenger category
aeroplane registration flight identification number limiting mass hold load
performance standard minimum performance standard JTSO JAR-TSO
design specifications performance specifications electric torch first-aid kit
emergency medical kit megaphone anchoring minimum practicable deviation
line of vision flight crew station circuit protection device aeroplane operating light
anti-collision light system designated station navigation lights position lights
landing lights separately energised filament windshield wiper day VFR operations
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