maintenance requirement post holder nominated post holder MNPS
ETOPS ground staff flight planning operations personnel
normal conditions emergency conditions Aerodrome Operating Minima departure aerodrome
aerodrome of departure destination aerodrome aeroplane system aeroplane performance criteria
departure departure route obstacle clearance criteria noise
noise abatement procedures instrument flight operations take-off climb take-off climb procedure
meteorological services flight altitude minimum flight altitude forced landing
vertical separation vertical separation minimum performance navigation performance
performance class MTOM maximum take-off mass one-engine-inoperative cruise speed
maximum flight level maximum continuous thrust all engines climb cruising level
cruise altitude severe turbulence air current descending air current
taxy fuel trip fuel alternate fuel additional fuel
emergency evacuation deportee person in custody stowage of baggage
passenger briefing safety briefing card smoking regulations upright position
tray table stowed escape path escape path marking emergency action
minimum safe altitude actual take-off mass ETOPS diversion time planning minima
applicable planning minima landing minima applicable landing minima non-precision approach procedure
non-precision approach visibility en-route alternate destination alternate
microwave landing system embark disembark aviation gasoline
avgas loop belt supplementary loop belt smoking area
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