DPSC SAHRC South African rand rand
AZAYO Azanian Youth Organisation National Peace Accord Freedom Front
APLA Afrikaner People s Front United Party blood money
NPKF national peace-keeping force Diamond High Council Popular Revolutionary Army
People s Revolutionary Army JUNAC Cartagena Agreement Board Treaty of Tlatelolco
Tlatelolco Treaty Apostolic Anti-Communist Alliance Popular Alliance People s Alliance
Popular Unity Spanish Communist Party Almeria solar platform National Employment Agreement
Arco Galician National Block Canarian Coalition CEAR
COAG CODA CEPYME Scientific Research Council
scab blackleg Labour Relations Decree-Law EHNE
Basque farmers union Catalan Republican Left Workers Statute ELA-STV
Basque Workers Solidarity Basque Solidarity copper breams Fitur
Democratic Left Spanish Engineering Consultancy National Meteorological Institute INTG
Cape bonnetmouth JJSS Socialist Youth smew
Alternative Socialist Coordinator Ministry of Culture Off The Record Popular Democratic Party
Popular Democratic Party white snake mackerel Falkland sprat Argentine menhaden
Galician Socialist Party Royal Spanish Academy Toxic Oil Syndrome national minimum wage
SODECAN Vertical Union Public Order Court CDWU
softshell red crab Labour Procedure Act Workers Commissions UNREO
agricultural statistics Asaja Catalan Front oral polio vaccine
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