internet café cybercafé riyal Omani Pakistan People s Party
Pakistan Islamic Front rupee Muhajir Qaumi Movement Pakistan Moslem League
Pakistan Muslim League Moslem League All-Pakistan Women s Conference APWA
All-Pakistan Women s Association MNLF National Democratic Front Philippine News Agency
New Society Movement Philippine peso New People s Army Nacionalista Party
Philippine National Police MILF United Peasant Party Peasant Party
Democratic Union Democratic Left Alliance Polish People s Party Liberal Democratic Congress
Centre Alliance Centre Agreement PUWP ROAD
Polish Press Agency ZChN Christian National Union Programme Implementation Unit
Union of Labour Labour Union Freedom Union Socialist Party
Senegalese Democratic Party Democratic Left Party SDSS Democratic Left
Christian Democrats Democratic Justice Party Reunification Democratic Party Democratic Liberal Party
New Korea Party Sudanese pound SPLM DPPU
Board of Investment Thai Nation party BLLF National Development Party
Chart Pattana Party United Somali Congress Somali shilling Somali National Alliance
California Milk Test California Mastitis Test large-scale livestock farming United Democratic Front
SADF SANROC Mass Democratic Movement Freedom Alliance
Pan-Africanist Congress SACP National Party CPSA
Conservative Party CODESA Azanian People s Organization Democratic Party
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