State Planning Committee State Planning Commission rouble Tass
Interior Ministry Democratic Russia Supreme Soviet LRAF
Strategic Rocket Forces Internet firewall firewall parliamentary question
conceptual data model AEOM pay scale reciprocal contract
bilateral contract private deed private document private agreement
oral evidence execution creditor decisive oath use right
easement freelance worker freeter freelance
stay-in strike sit-down strike split job year-end bonus
end-of-year bonus company welfare service alien register company agreement
special excise duty Socialist Revolutionary Brigade Homeland Party General Workers Union
VLAM governmental organization KCTU central government
municipal Corporation Save the Children AGCD Council of Regency
foster care foster home care family fostering gendarmerie
programming language National Electricity Office AMDH OADP
dirham Maghreb Arab Press Justice and Spirituality Justice and Charity
OMDH Moroccan Labour Union Independent National Rally Constitutional Union
UNFP UGTM Command Control Communications tactical air-surface missile
TASM reaction forces Rapid Reaction Corps NAVSOUTH
Integrated Military Structure AFAR NACC Euro-Atlantic Partnership-Forum
Cincafmed Cincair North Cincchan Cincent
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