Declaration of Principles Arab Democratic Party People s National Party Jamaican dollar
Islamic Action Front KANU Kenya schilling new kip
Latvian lats Latvia s Way Latvian Way Latvian Path party
Lebanese Forces South Lebanon Army Revolutionary Justice Organisation Arab Deterrent Force
lebanese pound CGTL loti Libyan dinar
NFSL Patriotic Union Fatherland Union FBPL
Progressive Citizens Party LDLP ULIMO Liberian dollar
Revolutionary Democratic Party INPFL AACC AACC
Stanford Linear Collider NCMPA ARTCC AFL-CIO
Jet Propulsion Labs Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA NIDA
USIS AAAA Agricultural Adjustment Administration American Automobile Association
JAMA American Airlines System electronic stability system extra stability program
Electronic stability program Space Research Corporation American Air Force Defense Intelligence Agency
NCHS AACA Democratic Leadership Council Inertial Upper Stage
Abie NCCCD Associated Press Voice of America
AFDC COMSAT Communications Satellite Corporation USNRC
Nuclear Regulatory Commission EEOC CAAA Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act
Opic American Broadcasting Corporation AABC NAPM
NIMS Electronic Frontier Foundation National Hockey League SDIO
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