Foreign Office CLMC Plaid Plaid Cymru
Party of Wales Public Record Office Manpower Services Commission Red-Hand Commandoes
HMSO Home Office government department eutypa disease
Architectural Association Amateur Athletics Association Professional Golfers Association Professional Golf Association
MARMAP Computer Services Association ABCC Consumers Association
response measure Anti-Apartheid Movement Amateur Boxing Association AERE
Amateur Football Association Parliamentary Labour Party Anti-Nazi League FLEC
ACCA CACA Agricultural Engineers Association British Medical Association
Crown Prosecution Service Medical Research Council Industrial Development Act High Court
Social Security Act Police Pensions Regulations UKIP UK Independence Party
WAVAW Progressive Unionist Party Nicra Ecuadorean Roldosist Party
National Banana Programme CONAIE Ecuador Socialist Party Popular Democracy
People s Democracy Radical Liberal Party Conservative Party Radical Alfarist Front
Alfaroist Radical Front Broad Left Front Popular Democratic Movement transurethral resection
CONAM Civic Democratic Party Public against Violence koruna
Czechoslovak People s Party Slovak National Party Civic Democratic Alliance Civic Forum
Federal Assembly Velvet Revolution Gentle Revolution House of Nations
pension-fund manager Independent Democratic Union National Intelligence Directorate Popular Action Movement
Popular Democratic Movement Chilean Copper Commission Party for Democracy National Renovation
National Renewal National Security Council Lautaro Youth Movement Chile s telecommunications company
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