day‐evening‐night level Lday day-noise indicator Levening
evening-noise indicator dose-effect relation public participation procedure default option
incident sound sound event noise event tonal industrial noise
difference map project in preparation quiet façade formal extradition procedure
simplified extradition procedure pre-sentence decision double criminal liability organised robbery
illicit antiquities trade counterfeiting of products piracy of products herb tea
self-interest threat familiarity threat trust threat intimidation threat
state of cultivation cultural condition pollen source sweet whey powder
orange essential oil ePrivacy Directive hidden identifier forwarded call
directory of subscribers reverse search function unsolicited communication opt-out register
automatic calling machine printed form off-line electronic form serious criminal offence
tachograph card card consecutive index cumulative break time maritime player
BC Code INF Code cargo transport unit place of refuge
coastal station ship s routing system dioxin-like PCB congener dioxin-like PCB
HRGC high-resolution gas chromatography corporate nature audit group
joint research voting procedure alpha alpha error
beta beta error CCalpha decision limit
CCbeta detection capability fortified sample material MRPL
reagent blank determination repeatability conditions reproducibility conditions sample blank determination
single laboratory study standard addition standard analyte Selected Ion Monitoring
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