sector letter position of responsibility Assistants Statute parliamentary assistant
accredited parliamentary assistant accredited assistant PISG heatwave
Assistant Registrar cyanine phtalocyanine underperformance
legally binding National Veterinary Service official stamp jurisdictional rule
right to demonstrate aggravated theft intervention rye financial collateral arrangement
bilateral close-out netting top-up financial collateral TTCA security collateral arrangement
relevant financial obligation enforcement event number of hives fertility study
vibration dose value Assistant Supervisor call for candidates call for applications
determining income variable-rate tender reserve holdings safe custody account
custodian averaging provision post-fixed coupon start date
valuation date standardised deduction deposit facility ECB time
fixed-rate instrument floating rate instrument NCB business day Eurosystem business day
minimum allotment amount stripped bond strip structural operation
maintenance period minimum allotment ratio repurchase price cross-border settlement
earmarking system collateral pooling system maximum bid rate minimum bid rate
major disaster hazelnut in shell shrunken fruit shrivelled fruit
mould filament fat-soluble pesticide abdominal fat subcutaneous fat
citrus molasses herbal tea plant manufactured milk product processed cheese product
cheese preparation flavoured yoghurt foaming whipping
visa shopping annoyance day-evening-night noise indicator Lden
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