blood donation Framework Directive eu Registrar leaching rate
bioavailable value Community authority Community statistics anonymised microdata
prior explicit approval method of anonymisation chrome mordant dyeing metal complex dye
Passbook Scheme DEPBS EPCGS ITES
definition phase development phase deployment phase unity of administration
accumulation module Montreal Convention bitter almond original equipment tyre
mould-cure retreading precure retreading retreader ring binder mechanism
OLDI On-Line Data Interchange ADEXP FDE-ICD
first cold pressing cold extraction ex-ante verification eligible date
fabric of production sticker metallised latent image hot-seal laminate
security reagent authentication mark laser printing thermo-transfer
biometric method machine-readable area shelf registration Statute for Members
pre-fixed coupon ICCLE child servitude strategic noise map
Lnight night-time noise indicator night equivalent level adulterated food product
administrative machinery underperformance at work termination-of-service arrangement emergency rule
humanitarian crisis allegation of malpractice budget network shortlist
high risk sector rebudgetisation discharge exercise unloading certificate
carousel premium hunting adulterated butter adulterator
recovery rate rapid disbursement instrument level of confidentiality obliterated text
redeployment of workers outstanding debt legal infraction capital repayment
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