seed multiplication cold storage EDF-OCT Committee post-crisis situation
surveillance clause subversive activity technical INFOSEC authority attempted sabotage
malicious wilful damage Crypto Authority TEMPEST Authority CISO
Security Board Security Office security designator Registry Control Officer
SSRS Technical System Owner COMPUSEC Computer Security
Information Owner Technical Systems Owner independent dealer non-independent dealer
single franchise dealer climatic variation earthworm predator captive use
co-formulant phenolic oxime priority hazardous substance multi-ethnic Government
A-B-A remail A-B-C remail refusal to supply ECESB
EUESB CECMA Macaronesian biogeographical region mutilated banknote
code of self-regulation greening ESAC extra duties allowance
shrimp fishing bone product quarter carcass bottom longliner
power controlled searchlight communications intercept device solid-state optical detector animal stunner
farmed salmon review investigation initiation of a review deficit
centrifuge tube extraction solution BFDGE NOGE
novolac glycidyl ether potential exposure toxicological profile surface coating
heavy-duty coating Decision Guidance Document issuing authority vegetative progeny
varietal identity phenotypic character young vine plant rooted cutting
rooted graft herbaceous shoot graftable rootstock cutting top-graft cutting
stock nursery AHSV percentage inhibition traditional rum
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