Draft Ministerial Decree racist attack ex ante examination FCRS
tolerance level occasional drinker inexperienced driver motorcyclist
sober driver powder filling flameproof enclosure date of withdrawal
Project Cycle Management prospecting licence smuggled diamond issuing State
operational munual non-military crisis management inter-pillar coherence technical adviser
customs irregularity successive sales overvaluation undervaluation
delivery by hand russeting animal-health measure incident risk
slaughter technique movement restriction carcase destruction outbreak of BSE
risk of infection audit procedure disease diagnosis screening procedure
BSE suspicion BSE indigenous case discrete adipose tissue domestic carnivore
eartag number renal lymph node lumbar lymph node sternal lymph node
caudal lymph node networking dynamics transnational partnership award process
technical capability alleged violation tariff package self-regulatory organisation
self-regulatory body relocation of firms case of non-conformity infringement situation
item of evidence customs value starting material computerised tracing system
stairway of excellence European conference encouraging denunciation car-coat
press stud suspension of class withdrawal of class course provider
science commentator project initiator European innovation area undeveloped innovation potential
leather finishing liquoring of leather linguistic island diaspora
meridian zone separate collection recovery system ecological burden
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