fine current criminal proceedings risk situation priority substance
legislative coordination internal quality control phosphatidylserine phosphatidylethanolamine
PEDP phosphatidylethanolamine dipalmitoyl aminophospholipid norephedrine
FSMP FPNU anticompetitive agreement teaching activity
cognitive ability sensory ability motor ability activity area
outdoor game manufacturing distributor furniture for children educational toy
on-the-spot visit free private sector on-the-spot demonstration exclusivity
rapid-reaction mechanism executive car luxury car DSSA
oat xylan birch xylan birchwood xylan audit trail
virological examination homogenate pool of antisera FITC
fluorescein isothiocyanate minimum essential medium multiplicity of infection TRITC
tetramethyl-rhodamine-isothiocyanate precontractual information grey mullet eligibility
award criterion original model clause block
sea user licence term licensee section
initial payment annual payment paediatric drug paediatric medicinal product
paediatric medicine preventing illnesses paediatric use polyuse
emerging trend network structure affordability proactive policy
territorial approach low budget film competition indicator unfair contract provision
minimum guaranteed provision pre-paid service fixed line integrated policy approach
cabotage right non-profitable route licence condition service standard
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