modernisation black list joint purchasing agreement efficiency gain
world-wide reporting system European coastguard deliberate pollution deballasting
media impact Sirenac database sub-standard flag absence of sanctions
Tokyo Memorandum coastal state scheme manifestly sub-standard vessel fierce rivalry
inspection typology EC recognition single hulled tanker differential charges
ship-identification system forgiving roadside hair loss violent shock
overdosing legal dispute diagnostic test examination by histopathology
monitoring test protease-resistant fragment enhanced chemiluminiscent reagent sandwich immunoassay
crisis distillation potable alcohol coupling women s human rights
breath testing equipment de-inking ink-jet printing laser engraving
human community eugenic practice collective expulsion oyster-farming
confectionery fitness domestic services contracting out
shared access training operators institutional stakeholders Social Agenda
generational shock co-location of equipment skills account provisionally enforceable judgment
middle-aged person unrewarding job hard work voluntary work
network of cities methodological preliminary exemplary nature de facto family
de jure family non-enforcement power of discrimination level of understanding
prequalification procedure concession law long-distance telephony leisure industry
training place fee-based contractual work reimbursement system clinical research
therapeutic benefit MINE human rights organisation consumer representative body
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