reserve ratio top-up payment top-up animal sickness fund
cessation premium Early Marketing Premium Selective Cull Scheme casualty animal
headage premium cull scheme maternal transmission selective slaughter programme
feed mill additional headage payment lost productive value cohort tracing
double ear tagging single headage payment accompanying measures claim phosphoglycolipid
brand marking weaning spawn leaching
processed animal protein certification of origin monetary stability seed unit
recitals recitals indent preamble
citations and recitals subparagraph substantive part citations
non-refundable grant preferential concession stand subtilisin
meloxicam albendazole oxide chlorphenamine ammonium salt
dicyclanil Anti-Fraud Committee moenomycin norbornene
vinyltrimethoxysilane methacrylamide perfluoropropyl perfluorovinyl ether styrenesulphonic acid
benzaldehyde copper bromide copper iodide glycerol tribehenate
pentaerythritol dioleate polyethyleneglycol monoalkyl ether poly zinc glycerolate bis methylbenzylidene sorbitol
sulphite triphenylene lewisite Non-Proliferation Experts Group
NPEG barium selenate local public transport rinsing agent
autonomous trade preference temporary suspension clause adventitious contamination seed source
turbo-charged diesel engine provisional budget failure to publish retroactive abolition
major offence deliberate disregard premeditated offence attempt to conceal
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