communitarianist school for democracy principle of consensus democratic legitimisation
single market cohesion management culture administered controlled economy videotape
good water status artificial water body river basin district good ecological potential
quantitative status monomictic dimictic polymictic
oligohaline mesohaline polyhaline microtidal
mesotidal macrotidal benthic invertebrate fauna taxonomic composition
planktonic bloom planktonic taxon macrophyte macrophytic taxon
phytobenthic taxon anthropogenic disturbance invertebrate taxon phytoplanktonic taxon
angiosperm taxon background level power-operated window power-operated partition
auto-reversing system accidental closing test rod non-conformity case
termination decision suspected infringement established infringement fragmentation factor
take action incorrect transposal detailed opinion principle of non-applicability
gas storage equipment administrative tolerance denatured spirit piloting tariff
seriousness of infringement segregated-ballast oil tanker cargo-sharing agreement former Yugoslav States
noisy aircraft transposal legislation pre-litigation stage stray dog
principal scientific monitoring zebra fish zebra danio
acetal air-conditioning still camera camera
ecoregion multiple rate auction multiple-rate auction American auction
trade date solvency risk final transfer marginal interest rate
purchase date maximum bid limit outright transaction repurchase date
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