goat keeping publicly owned shipyard empty vehicle variable-section underframe
descender multicultural integration Uruguay Round negotiations official fuel consumption
fuel economy label fuel economy guide promotional literature potential climate change
driving behaviour processing agent closed refrigeration circuit processing off site
non-confined direct-evaporation system water cooler gas liquefying unit ice machine
TACA Decision revised TACA inland transport service through rate
conference service contract terminal handling charges equipment usage charge handover charge
special stowage charge equipment charge handling charge individual service contract
multi-carrier service contract outport additional surcharge emergency surcharge special equipment surcharge
oversize additional charge fitting additional charge optimal stowage fee Friulan
Sami language immersion social security fraud recreation area
paedophile act paedophile offence act of paedophilia integrated family policy
perinatal surveillance unit wall of silence family at risk global disarmament
Cold War ethnic tension culture of competition body of rules
monopolised market authorisation system applicable exception system prior authorisation system
decision granting exemption cooperative joint venture declaration of inapplicability specialisation agreement
negative clearance letter exemption letter procedural phase stay proceedings
procedural framework closed case blocking effect prohibited restriction
market-share threshold criterion bureaucratic constraint preventive mechanism illegal competition agreement
positive judgment conflicting decision incriminating question formal complaint
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