administrative penal legislation punitive character civil law case rightful owner
customs duty offence organised financial crime vulnerability to fraud operational assistance
criminal investigation transnational organised fraud administrative cooperation centralisation of procecutions
Community data-protection law investigation secrecy right to block right of blocking
legal effect awareness raising action awareness action multimedia content industry
prison conditions conditions of detention civil peace victims rights
rights of victims prison system alternative to prison alternative penalty
prison overcrowding overcrowding in prisons involvement in crime mafia-type activity
internal legal position external legal position special security regime ethnic discrimination
religious discrimination emotional deficiency educational deficiency anti-drugs policy
anti-smuggling policy personalising sentences semi-custodial arrangements fine-day
tagging electronic surveillance prison warders post-release follow-up activity
right to inspect refugee detention centre fiscal exception reparation of damages
administrative investigation preservation of confidentiality right of access social reintegration
reintegration into society prisoner freedom of opinion supervisory body
custodial sanction custodial sentence deprivation of liberty imprisonment
incarceration custodial penalty prison right of complaint
falsifying evidence destroying evidence arms industry armaments industry
dock work company careening company basis for allocation dredging equipment
slag heap rescheduling of debt debt rescheduling consolidation of a firm
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