alkaline degreasing lapping polishing forest people
social sustainability victim of torture torture victim prevention of corruption
front underrun protection EC-Cyprus Research Committee documentary information non-documentary information
service arrangement economic sustainability jetty waste disposal site
water distribution grinding tropical forest minimum value addition
analogue handset Designating Authority coastguard drug identification number
cupric chelate manganese chelate zinc chelate cupric acetate
cupric methionate copper methionate manganous hydrogen phosphate seasoning
lanthanide polyacetal perfluoroalkoxy alkane latex foam
coconut fibre trisodium hexafluoroaluminate cryolite glyoxal
ethandial dicoumarol ethylene dimethacrylate cyclohexyl acrylate
fenobucarb tetrachloroplatinate mepiquat chloride ethidimuron
dimethachlor ebullioscopy membrane osmometry vapour phase osmometry
spectrofluorimetry BCFss steady-state bioconcentration factor depuration rate constant
dilution water bluegill electron-capture detector Regulatory Authority
manganous carbonate countervailable subsidy health certificate manganous chloride
manganous sulphate polychlorinated naphthalene uptake rate constant tax offence
fiscal offence leading position assistance receiving stolen goods
receiving stolen drugs commission of offences power of supervision power of control
objective responsibility culpable behaviour insufficient supervision insufficient control
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