human research potential scientific excellence technological excellence quality of drafting
repeal clause legal drafting fixed-line voice telephony fixed voice telephony
research and training anthropogenic impact anthropogenic activity land-ocean interaction
hydrological risk technological hazard socio-economic driver pre-sale contract
Intra-ACP cooperation joint programme sell-and-rent-back promotional structure
innovation policy interface validation file ice class environmentally-friendly manure application
off-licensed premises brewer full on-licence restricted on-licence
club licence landlord-brewer exclusive purchase promotional support
additional rent off-invoice discount business support miles per gallon
km l kilometres per litre g km grams per kilometre
rigid foam anthropogenic interference drug resistance biotic stress
abiotic stress biological nitrogen fixation collective dominant position nonretroactive effect
open sky agreement hydrogeological risk brewery enacting term
legal linguistic expert rent subsidy load bearing timber zero-option
drafting suggestion extractive industry support measure on-licensed public house
on-licensed premises cask-conditioned ale brand licence Parallel Agreement
consensus vote executive committee global technical regulation consultative status
Global Registry supply gas supply steam supply
market waste street cleansing waste garden waste incineration on land
incineration at sea spent solvent fine chemicals non-halogenated spent solvent
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