redeployment measure net balance provisions cancelled commitments
budgetary decision-making process budgetary imbalance steering committee balance-of-payments support
out-turn in payments grand total Community GDP agricultural duties
structural operations technical adjustment expenditure ceiling own resources ceiling
multiannual allocation commitments correction for inflation multiannual operation
negative co-decision EEA financial mechanism deficit carried over yield from levies
global provisional commitments additional twelfths statement of grounds decimal classification system
current capital operation current debt management waiver basic sectoral act
balance of assets advance funds clearance decision provisional schedule
provisional global commitments charging as a payment cash position reallocating expenditure
underutilisation of appropriations operational restriction non-addition rule non-operation rule
cultural environment technical consumer goods non-governmental youth organisation protective award
failure to cooperate professional football team illegal content qualification-round match
mobile student non-mobile student laser pointer fibre production industry
utility centre combating counterfeiting LIFE-Nature starter measure
co-op measure assist measure LIFE-Environment LIFE-Third Countries
standby mechanism counterproductive effect drug precursor chemical reassessment of conformity
bromoethylene refugee integration integration of refugees illegal activity
discretion chromyl dichloride inland waterway transport technical viability
re-notification budgetary structure central marketing system repetition of offences
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