modified engine take-off power maximum continuous power pitch setting
reverse pitch supplemental oxygen take-off safety speed one engine inoperative
revolutions per minute STPD design manoeuvring speed design maneuvering speed
design cruising speed VD MD Vd Md design diving speed
design flap speed VLOF lift-off speed Minimum unstick speed
rotation speed VTmax maximum threshold speed ASDA
Accelerate-Stop Distance Available handling agent state of origin UN Number
unit load device operation s airplane aeroplane
airworthy operator certification all weather operations balance
mass and balance commercial crew cabin crew passenger seating configuration
Aeroplane Flight Manual common review procedure operational directive Minimum Equipment List
MMEL flight safety pyrotechnics forced landing
emergency landing cruising speed airworthiness code flight duty
standby passenger inadmissible passenger operational procedure
take-off initial climb landing unserviceability
defect Configuration Deviation List unauthorised carriage noise certificate
Aircraft Radio Licence Flight Crew Licence special load cargo manifest
passenger manifest flight recorder recording MS operator Member State operator
wet lease-out dry lease-in wet lease-in dry lease-out
Air Operator Certification ground operation ground handling ground handling facility
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