V-cut boned ham ham with foot ECAL-E REIMS I
supplementary agreement M bag domestic tariff linear tariff
non-priority mail receiving PPO mother ship fishing entity
observation form ICCAT compliance committee cross-border business mail priority mail
health risk medical waste agro-meteorological system agri-meteorological system
aerial-survey technique standing geographical eligibility indicator of competitiveness
socio-economic indicator ailing urban district zoning fragmentation of assistance
financial planning programming supplement repayable assistance health sector
technical dialogue eco-audit sensitive information green procurement
independent appeal body weighted average criterion administrative capacity integrated multimodal network
multimodal infrastructure network interconnection point integrated overall approach wireless internet access
Wi-Fi internet access Licensing Directive air-interface standard seamless coverage
confidentiality multimedia service Internet service interactive service
consumer devices converging environment multimedia computer digital wireless service
simplified legal procedure moderately harmful rollover stability network of cinemas
cinema network risk analysis methodology profile selection meat-processing company
meat-processing sector technological organisational change linguistic audit technological advance
combating exclusion innovative approach open learning creator designer
teleplacement hearse coal sector fight against corruption
combating corruption anti-corruption measure active personality principle passive personality principle
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