microphone loudspeaker audiofrequency electric amplifier radio-broadcasting transmission apparatus
TV transmitter television transmission apparatus radio navigation radio remote control
optical telescope image projector photographic enlarger photographic reducer
optical microscope photomicrography microscope cinephotomicrography microscope microprojection microscope
microprojection diffraction apparatus surveying instrument topographical instrument
land surveying instrument spirit level pristinamycin seismic risk
dermatology amalgam anthropogenic pressure dolphin
loam work environmental research strait-jacket effect inter-brand competition
blacklisted clause black-clause market-share threshold assessing market shares
negative clearance presumption umbrella block-exemption control-of-abuse system negative clearance regulation
exclusive customer attribution single branding collusive tendency certification free-riding
avant-garde consumer double marginalisation substitutability presumption of illegality
prohibition ex tunc vertical distribution agreement re-weighting of votes coordinated employment strategy
general Community interest job-creating measure environmental specification patentability
reserved service postal savings initial equity Postal Directive
basic postal service philatelic service average spread declaration of expenditure
eligibility of expenditure closure document request for clarification certificate of expenditure
spa water cobalt dichloride agricultural advisory committee salting period
standing period ageing period finishing period air-dried pigmeat
V-cut with foot V-cut without foot round-cut with foot round-cut without foot
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