emotional integrity transportable pressure equipment Task-Force Enlargement Enlargement Task Force
European Alliance Alliance for Jobs fair trial preferential vote
regional constituency list-based proportional voting electoral coalition linking of lists
electoral alliance compulsory preferential vote closed list electoral quotient
preferential transferable vote compulsory voting distribution of remainders territorial constituency
geographical constitutency regional proportional representation transnational list electoral quotient method
method of divisors adjusted quotient method uniform number system national quotient
integral proportional representation approximate proportional representation series of divisors pluri-national constituency
candidacy credentials of representatives uniform electoral procedure electoral list
list of candidates candidate list population registry population register
excess of votes voter first vote second vote
primary voter elector delegate polling card
voting card poll card by-election traditional voter
floating voters snap election early elections appreciable revalutation
appreciable revaluation cocoa product cocoa year producing country
production-management plan production-management programme administrative budget cocoa substitute
fair labour standards isopropyl carbamate carbamoyl}propyl
iprovalicarb LMES SNG TES intermediate country
cobalt carbonate cobalt oxide cobalt trioxide crotethamide
cropropamide moskene musk tibetene strontium chloride hexahydrate
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